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Money Robot Review: The top SEO backlink software that still work in 2020

November 9, 2018

Most of the new blogs often has to face the problem of creating back links. There are lots of automated tools in the market for creating back links. In this regard, money robot is one of the most popular and experience  seo tools that can generate lots of links to your site. After using one and half year we like to write a post on money robot review for the viewers; so that you know the basic pros and cons of the software. It is also termed as money robot submitter tool and it is in the market for a long time.

Benefits of money robot software

The software can rank any website and for any keywords. You may use the software for search engine optimization of your individual pages by creating back links. Search engines like those pages which have more back links and creating these links is not an easy task. By using the software, the number of visitors of your site will increase over time and your ranking will improve automatically.

Used by seo Companies

Most of the seo companies use money robot submitter software because of its ease of use. Generally you have to pay thousands of dollar a month for creating back links using third-party services. But by using money robot submitter you may create these links automatically and at cheap rate as compared to other services. Whether it is small company, medium or large corporate, all companies may use the software easily.

Website platforms

Money robot supports premium web 2.0 blogs which are considered as key sources of creating links. It also supports social bookmarking sites, social network, wiki articles, directories, press release, forum, RSS etc. All these are in a automated process and you just have to put your campaigns running.

Very speedy submission

The software can create thousands of links at a very short span of time and you have the option to fix time of your campaign. That means that you may create your links in a day, within a week which makes your links natural in the eyes of Google. It can create the task of 200 people at a time just by using the software.

Intelligent submission process

the whole process of creating back links by money robot is automatic. It will create accounts, verify them and you don’t have to spend a penny for email list or on proxies. All these are provided by the software and it will complete the whole campaign process intelligently.

AI technology

The software uses artificial intelligent (AI) technology by using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer four user account creation, verification or article submission process. So, it may pass robotic article submission detection for the servers or websites. Now it has over 5226+ websites list which is considered as massive four creating back links.

Article spinner

Google don’t like duplicate contents. Therefore, the articles submitted by money robot must be unique. To make content unique, money robot has an inbuilt article spinner or rewrite which will spin your content into more than thousands of unique versions. You don’t have to rely on third-party spinning services such as Spin rewriter.

Backing monitor system

Money robot has a system to monitor all of your created back links easily. It can monitor your anchor text, backlink status i.e. whether they are alive or dead and keep record of all the details.

Premium Customer Support

The customers of money robot can use Skype, email or via ticket system for any issue faced by them. The money robot customer support is very good and you can also chat to their website for sale services. They have mainly three support system

you may use their forum for any discussion of our money robot. They have all the tutorials in this forum and very active for their support.

You may also join their Facebook group discuss all the details regarding money Robert software.

Regular update of website list

Money robot developers regularly update their website list and you don’t have to look for the new website list. You can create thousands of campaigns on this website list.

Auto Captcha Solving

The software will automatically solve regular Captcha types really such as text, images, mathematical calculation etc. only for major Captcha types, you have to rely on third-party services. Google re-captcha types you need to use third-party captcha solving services.

7 Days Money back guarantee

The software comes with free trial period of 7 days with full money back guarantee. If you are not satisfy with the software, you will receive and a person refund of your money.

Price of money robot

  • The money robot software has two pricing plan according to your needs.
  • The first one is monthly plan of $67 per month. If you don’t like to use the software for the whole year you may use the monthly plan. However, if you like to use the software more than one year or in your all money sites, then you may purchase the lifetime license of the software $497 one-time fee. You will receive all the updates of the software and it looks like cost-effective for your Seo campaigns. If you have lots of websites and if you like to sell back links to your clients then you can purchase the lifetime plan of the software.

Final verdict

Building as your back links is not an easy task it requires a lot of time and money. The money robot comes with 7 days free trial period in which you can try your hands on the software. It is fully automated software which can create accounts for link submission, verify created accounts. It’s save lot of time to create these links automatically rather than going for manual work. It can create quality back links for your Seo campaigns and the software is in the market for a long time. There are lots of seo software is in the market; like Rankerx, GSA search engine ranker, and among them money robot is considered as premium one for creating high-quality links. It is in the market for a long time and it is used by most of the marketers. It can also rank videos and has also the ability to send free traffic to your site.

However keep in mind, using a black hat Seo tool always has some risk of Google penalty. Therefore, the use of the money robot software needs some caution for safety of your website. We are going to release a new tutorial on how to use money robot submitter safely in our next post. Hope you enjoyed this post on money robot review and feel free to comment below.

Money Robot Review

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