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Rankerx Review: Why it is the best link building software in 2020-2021?

November 4, 2018

From last few months, my friends are asking for a post on Rankerx review as most of the blackhat Seo tools are outdated and not as much effective for ranking of the sites. Therefore, we come up with a post on Rankerx. We will collect data from 200 websites using Rankerx to rank for their sites and find some interesting facts on their site performance. The last part of the post, you will find a few case studies on Rankerx review. But before that we like to highlight what Rankerx can do for your site. We will also highlight main features of the software tools.

What is Rankerx?

In simple words, Rankerx is a SEO software that automates backlink building campaigns. As you know, vibrant back links are one of the key factors for website ranking. Google trusts those websites which have more back links from high authority websites. So, ranking of your website is not easy task and need more time and effort. In this aspect this software helps to create thousands of high authority back links from different types of websites. If you’re looking for Tier 1 type back links, this software can easily create this task.

At the same time I also like to make you know that tire 1 links are the direct links that point directly to your website. It means that these websites create a backlink of your website pages or main domain. However, tired 2 are those back links who points tire one links. In this process tire one links gets more power to rank your websites. When tire one links receive more ranking, it automatically ranks your site.

Rankerx Seo software has more powerful website lists where you can get safe and powerful back links. You may use this software to rank your videos, local Seo campaigns and even you can use to create links for your new websites.

Quality websites

The first requirement of link building tools is that it must create back links in high quality websites. In this regard, RankerX performance is very good as it has lots of high quality web 2.0 websites list such as WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, Smashword, Joomla, .edu, .gov site list. Most of them are high traffic websites and therefore the links created by the software will definitely help to rank your website. It has highest number of Web 2.0 sites as compared to other search engine optimisation software services money robot, GSA search engine rank etc. the software even create back links from .edu websites.

RankerX website list

RankerX software has over 100+ premium Web 2.0 site list which makes the software in the premium category.

You will find rankerx site list here

High success of submission

The success rate of website submission is very high using the software. The software can quickly create user profile premium sites and easily submit articles along with back links of your site. Actually, the software is looking for a few coding in the sites and creates and submit articles. Therefore, the success rate of the submission is very high as compared to other SEO software. RankerX also provide 20 email list for your profile creation in various sites.

RankerX Indexing Service

The RankerX software has an inbuilt backlink indexer tool which has a very high indexing rate about 95% or more. The only requirement is that you need few Google phone verified accounts with few private proxies.

The crucial part of automatic backlink creating process is that Google must index created links. If you get thousands of links and if Google does not index them, they are meaningless. Most of the times, even if you create lots of back links to the money site, Google does not index them naturally. So, most of the times you need to use two approaches:

  • The first process is that you need to place this back links in other websites pages or posts which are already indexed by Google. This approach is mainly useful while you have private PBN network where you can place your links in other websites. Most of the, commercial indexing services often use this approach. However, the indexing rate depends upon the quality of the sites and the pages.
  • The second approach is you may submit back links using Google Webmaster tool. But in this approach you need lots of Google PVA accounts along with good proxies.

The second approach is however very good because of high indexing rate. RankerX often uses the second approach with free backlink indexer. It uses Google Chrome browser and Google PVA accounts to index created back links. Therefore the success rate is above 90% which is quite high.

Back links from Custom sites

In the software you may also have applied your own custom sites to submit your back links. You may use other tools such as scrapbox to find out the list of sites where you can submit. This software will create user profiles, verified accounts and submit articles along with your site links. So the submission of articles is not only limited to RankerX prebuilt sites but you can also design your own site list according to your needs.

Design your own backlink structure

In the Seo software, you may design your own backlink strategy in addition to the prebuilt link structure. It means that you can design backlink structure for Tier 1 and Tier 2 with web 2.0, bookmarking sites, social networks, article directories, wiki links, press release, forums, profile creation etc.

Rankerx diagram

Is RankerX safe for link building

RankerX is generally safe for back links building as the links are alive for long times and Google also likes created back links. The software maintain cookie for each websites and therefore you don’t need to login again and again. The software automatically note down the name of proxies used while creating a particular profile. Therefore, the links are alive for a long time and easily rank your website.

A person often likes the software because of its high authority site list and you may use the software for Tier 1 link building without any fear of Google penalty.

The software is also safe in Google eyes, because of its different backlink strategies that may be applied to create high authority links.

What are the operating systems supported by RankerX

The software supports all the operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac. Therefore you may use it anywhere and even in Windows servers 2008, Windows server 2012 or 2016. It is better to install RankerX in VPS server or any dedicated because you may need to run the software, and night or few days which is not possible in desktop or laptop.

Private PBN management

you may use this Seo software to submit articles in your private PBN networks such as expired Tumblr, blog networks, or bloggers, etc. you need to just enter or import user profiles and passwords. The software will automatically submit articles to this web 2.0 sites.

Private PBN in RankerX

Among the link building tools, RankerX link building software has best auto seo tools. This software is in the market, over more than two years and promoted by lots of large companies. It is one of the trusted tools in the Seo market. Even though this is a blackhat tool, but the way software creates links cannot be differentiated from Whitehat Seo tools.

Rankerx Free download Link

You can easily download Rankerx Installation file from the Home page of the software.You may download windows 64-bit version Or 32-bit version.It depends upon the operating system you are using. If you are using 64-bit version Operating system then you need to go for 64-bit or else.Sometimes during the installation process, you may get warning from operating systems such as Windows 8 or 10 because these systems are not familiar with the software. You Just need to ignore the warning and keep the installation process running. The software uses port 8080 to connect software with the server.

How to update Rankerx

It is very easy to update the software. You just need to run the software by double-clicking software icon and the software automatically check for updates in the beginning of the software. If there exists any new version of the software, it will automatically download and install in your server or computer.

How many computers you can install Rankerx and the?

You may install the software in any number of computers or servers. But if you have only one license, then you may run the software from only one server or computer at a time.

Why you should not use rankerx crack?

Most of the crack software is static and you cannot update them along with illegal use of the software.

Rankerx is a dynamic software and they maintain very well by updating almost each week regularly. Link building strategies are often changing day by day or which they often update the software. If you use crack version, you will not be able to update the software and the links created by the software may be penalized by Google. For these reasons, you should not use rankerx crack.

Price of Rankerx

The software has a trial version which is completely free for seven days. After seven days, the price of the Rankerx is $49.99 per month. There is a lifetime price of the software with $999. This is a one-time price in which you get free lifetime use permission along with free updates.

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