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Secrets That You Must Know About Divi Vs. Elementor: Choose the best WordPress Page Builder plugin

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Divi Vs. Elementor: A Complete Comparison 

Are you not able to decide which is best page builder plugin between Divi Vs. Elementor? Then you are at the right page where you find all about .

Now a day, WordPress is a very popular platform for website creation and designing. There are lots of page builder plugins in the website industry of WordPress such as Elementor, Divi and along with Braver Builder. The Divi is comparatively more trendy is builder and lasting for a long period of time. It is one of the second-best widely popular page builder after visual composer. However, Elementor is a new visual builder with lots of customization features and widely popular now a day. Here, we are going to find out the main differences between them and also highlight pros and cons of both page builders.

Similarity between Divi Vs. Elementor in terms of Interfaces

In the present situation, both Divi and Elementor have drag and drop page builder functions and both are visual builders.

We will compare Divi and Elementor the following features:

  • Popularity of the Page Builders
  • Interfaces and Ease of Use
  • Content Modules
  • Customization Ability
  • Theme Builder Option
  • Number of Pre-made Templates
  • The Stability of these Page Builders Versions
  • Performance of this Builder
  • Pricing
  • Side by Side Comparison
  • Final Thought

Popularity of the Page Builders

Since Elementor has both free and premium version and the total number of active installation of Elementor is over 1 million. At the same time, Divi has over 55 lakh active installation but it has no free version. The Elementor has a free plugin version WordPress.org if you need all the features, you need to purchase a premium and paid version. However, Divi has only a paid version which is not available in WordPress.org. Equally, both plug-ins are very popular and in industry over 10 years.

active instalation of Divi and Elementor

The Elementor WordPress rating represents that 93% users are giving it five stars. Therefore, Elementor hand Divi are very popular and both are leading page builders.

Elementor WordPress Rating

Interfaces And Ease Of Use of Divi and Elementor

Elementor has a left sidebar with all its page controls. However, there is in-line editing options in the right hand side page preview box. It has a left sidebar with all its page controls with all page building tools. However, there is in-line editing options in the right hand side preview box.

You may divide Elementor interface into two sections. The left one is mainly for all the options that help to drag to the main page. It is also the option to edit anything directly in the sidebar. The right-hand side section is your main design page. At the same time, you may hide the site section to get full-screen preview of your main page.

Elementor supports drag-and-drop and also in-line editing option. It means that you may edit your text directly in the preview section rather than editing it somewhere else on sidebar section. For example, you may also drag a text box or any other module from the side bar and right directly in the preview section.

Unlike Elementor, Divi is relying more on floating buttons available in the main interface. It has no side box option as compared to Elementor. The full  has both frontend and backend editing is well option. It also supports in-line editing of pages. This is one of the advantages of the Divi plug-in because sometimes your server may not be able to front end visual editing option. In such case, you may work with back end editing tool. We find this case for elementor were it is not able to load properly. Now elementor plug-in is providing a safe mode option when it is not able to load properly.

Divi Interface

Content Modules: Elementor vs Divi

In Elementor and Divi, there are lots of content elements or you may say modules. In case of Elementor, you need to drag all modules from left hand sidebar. It has almost 50+ modules in pro version. At the same time, Divi also has 46 modules which you may use just by clicking plus floating button.

Customization Ability

There are lots of options in both the plug-ins for theme style, colour, style, padding and margin editing. In Elementor there are three control options: content, style and advance option. In content tools, you may edit text, graphics or heading style etc. In style part, there are lots of styling options where you may change the front style, colour, background etc. In advance section, you may set the margins padding of the modules. If you need some unique customization you may also use custom CSS in this section. The Divi also contains same three elements. Here, you will find the same text editing tools which are available in the WordPress text editor. It is easy to use Divi’s content designing and formatting tool as compared to elementor because it is not limited to sidebar option.

Theme Builder Option

This is few unique features between Elementor vs Divi because Elementor can customize anything directly if you are using pro version. It is a standalone plug-in which can customize all parts of a WordPress theme. Using pro version, it is easy to customize header, footer, blog/page template, design, archive page, woo commerce product page etc. However, if you want to change header or footer in Divi you need to go for Divi themes or any other wordpress theme where you may change these.

Number of Pre-made Templates

Divi comes with 20 pre-made layouts in its library and you can also design and save your own layout for future use. It is very much a community based plugin rather than company. Divi community share lots of layouts for the customers. Divi library also contains over the 350+ templates. The layouts are set of several templates which combines a page.

Elementor is also releasing 100 plus pre design page templates and blocks which may be applied anywhere with lots of landing page. There are blocks available for all the parts of WordPress site and they are category base along with elementor templates.

Both plug-ins have global settings for colour, style, layout, from style etc. which help the user to use them easily.

The Stability of these Page Builders Versions

Both the Page builders are stable in performance. However, Divi is little bit slower while editing front end but it is not very slow. Regarding stability of different versions, I found that Elementor is very stable while leading. In this regard Divi is stable in nature.

Performance of page Builders

Both the Page builders are stable in performance. However, Divi is little bit slower while editing front end but it is not very slow. Regarding stability of different versions, I found that Elementor is very stable while leading. In this regard Divi is stable in nature. There is a downside of Divi. It is mainly code base and if you like to change this plug-in, it left lots of code style in websites which are visible in different pages. But, Elementor is well-designed and it does not let any code if you liked to uninstall it. It means that you can easily sift from one page builder to another.

Pricing: Elementor vs. Divi

The Pricing model of both the plugins are different. Divi comes with different price tags. They have both early price plan and one-lifetime plan. The price of early plan is $ 89 per year and the lifetime price is $ 249 for unlimited sites. Equally, Elementor has taken three plans. First one is $ 49 per year for one site, $99 per year for three sits and 199 dollar for unlimited sites.

Side by Side Comparison

We are coming to the last part of the blog Divi Vs. Elementor and here we try to focus on side-by-side comparison of both the page builder plugins. At the same time, we will summarise all of Divi Vs. Elementor.

Divi Vs. Elementor side by side comparision

Pros and cons of Divi vs Elementor:

Elementor Pros

  • Clean code and no visual code lines left after deactivation of plugin.
  • Customise the theme options directly such as header, footer, blog page etc.
  • Inbuilt pop-up builder.
  • More Innovative options
  • Good support

Elementor cons:

  • More expensive as compared to Divi builder
  • Sometimes fail to load visual editing
  • not 100% in-line editing options

Divi Pros

  • Less expensive and also one time payment option for lifetime use.
  • A/B split testing option for landing pages conversion optimisation
  • Both back and and front and in-line visual editing option
  • Good support system

Divi cons:

  • Less innovative as compared to Elementor
  • Visual code lines left after deactivation of plugin.
  • No direct theme building options for header and footer etc.

Final thought: Divi vsElementor

Both the plug-ins are very popular and among the top 3 best page building plug-ins for WordPress. Recently, elementor is very popular due to its theme building capacity and innovations. But, it is  more expensive as compared to Divi which comes with lifetime use option and lifetime update. However, if you think to change your page builder plug-in, then I recommend elementor which is very easy to uninstall/deactivate with no code left in visual mode. I personally prefer both the plug-ins and using both in my different websites simultaneously.

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