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SEO PowerSuite Review: Why you should buy this SEO Software in 2020-2021?

November 3, 2018

SEO PowerSuite review

Those who are working with a website, they often has to face the challenges of search engine optimization. Right from on page optimization off page optimization, bloggers have to spend a lot of money on this fields. However, most of them are not effective, and the ease of use is not simple. Sometimes, companies charge lots of money from the clients for search engine optimization.

SEO PowerSuite is a complete package of tools. Through this tool you can get all the details of your website; right from on-site audit to rank tracking of your pages, keywords along with competitor analysis and many more tools. But the question is should you buy this SEO software and is it effective and beneficial for search engine optimization after Google Panda SEO perspective. Therefore we are going to write a post on SEO PowerSuite review where you get all the details of the software step-by-step.

Main tools of SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite has four key tools which are used for SEO analysis of the websites.

  • Rank Tracker
  • SEO Spyglass
  • Website Auditor
  • Link Assistant

Rank Tracker:

Support 300+ Search Engines

Rank Tracker is used for tracking of your website ranking 300+ search engines and also useful keyword research using almost 17 keyword research tools. You may use Google AdWords keyword planner, Semrus keyword difficulty tool to find most profitable keyword of your business.

Track Competitors Ranking

There is also another good feature of Rank Tracker is that you may track competitors ranking and keep necessary changes in your website so that others may not outrank your site.

Rank Tracker

Schedule Task

You may also schedule your task according to the convenient time.

Variety of Report Format:

You may also export the rank tracking reports in PDF or Excel format. You will find clear graphs showing ups and downs of your ranking by up and down arrow keys. You may create your reports in different languages and also mail to your desired emails address.

seo powersuite Rank Tracker report

No Monthly payment:

In other rank tracking tools you need to pay monthly fees. But, in SEO PowerSuite you don’t need to pay monthly fees of around dollar 50 or more for keyword or page ranking.

Competitors Rank Checking

You may track 10 opponent websites ranking simultaneously. It is very have helpful while you are competing more than one same niche websites.

Another feature of rank Tracker is that you may also find ranking information of your website images, videos, news etc. At the same time, you may also differentiate country specific ranking of your keywords even wrong page ranking status thus using this software.

Supported Features

Since, SEO PowerSuite works in autopilot mode therefore, it also supports proxies and has also the ability to CAPTCHA recognition which prevents your IP ban by Google or any other search engine. Generally Google don’t like automatic robotic task and so SEO PowerSuite is safe to use on your computer.

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is mostly used for off pages SEO analysis; success back-link analysis, backlink penalty removal etc.

Link quality is another important aspects of off  page SEO analysis. Manly back links are key factor in ranking of websites. But quality backlinks is required that is back-link from a high valued domain is very important from SEO perspective.

SEO SpyGlass can analyse competitor back-links status using 50+ metrics.

Sometimes, your link building campaigns also create harmful back links and also competitors also try to outrank your site using harmful back links. Using this tool, you can easily find out harmful back links and you may also neutralize these back links. You may use five competitors back links ranking report too.

seo powersuite spyglass

You may also find linking domain’s age, Alexa ranking, traffic, social signals of the websites can also anchor text of the back links.

WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor is another very important tool of SEO PowerSuite which can audit your own website and finds out problems and warnings of your website. It helps to find out on page as your problems and accordingly ways to optimize them.

seo powersuite site audit

It crawls the website similarly Google spiders. It finds out broken links and 404 errors of your site. Not only this tool finds out the problems, it also provides the solutions of these problems in details along with the report.

It also analyse Robots.txt & XML Sitemap and finds out best practices and errors in this field. It analyses the site using 40+ on pace as you metrics. It also helps to optimise content of your site, such as title, Meta description etc.

This tool also analyse HTML code of your website and internal linking structure of your site. It also warns keyword stuffing problem of your site and pages.

It also analyse social signals and visitor analysis analysis of your site.


Link Assistant is mostly used for backing analysis purposes. It tries to find out backlink opportunities of your pages and keywords. Link Assistant finds out backlink positions created by any Seo Software like RankerX, link value to your site and any penalty of your back links. You can contact directly to your Webmaster tool using this software and asks for harmful back links removal requests.

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