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Spin Rewriter Review 9.0: Comapare Wordai vs Spin Rewriter and find the best tool

November 10, 2018

spin rewritter review

Spinner Rewriter Review 9.0

Are you facing trouble from duplicate article and penalize by Google? Generally Google don’t like duplicate content and most of the new blogs often face the problem of duplicate content.

Sometimes, new blogs has to run campaigns for their Seo backlinks and they need lots of content for backlinks tasks. But getting new content is not an easy and often they require content spinner or rewriter. There are lots of tool in the market such as Wordai, best spinner, Spinner Chief etc. Among them one of the most common and popular spinner is Spin Rewriter version 9.0. It is very cheap and one of the reliable tool for article spinning. Today we are going to highlight spinner rewriter review 9.0 and we also compare wordai vs spin rewriter and many other tool in the market.

Features of Spin Rewriter 9.0

Writing quality content is not an easy task and often bloggers pay lots of money for content writing. The easy ways to get lots of content is by spin your articles and publish them in your money site. Internet marketers also use spin rewriter for tier 1 content while creating back links. Search engines don’t rank those websites who publish duplicate content. In this case creating unique articles is not an easy and spin rewriter may create lots of any content using ENL Semantic Spinning Technology which will save time and money of manual spinning. It may fetch relevant synonym words of your articles and helping to create unique articles. The main features of spin rewriter 9.0 are:

ENL Semantic Spinning Technology

Spin rewriter uses ENL semantic spinning technology and try to find out relevant synonym words of a sentence by analyzing meaning of the sentence. This feature is not available in other spinning tools.

Human Readable Content

Most of the spinning software and tools have the problem of creating unreadable content. Even though they create unique content but most of them are not readable without proper meaning of any sentence. Therefore, they are waste product in the eyes of Google or any other search engines. But, spin rewriter is the ability to create human readable content with higher in the content quality.

Unlimited articles

In spin rewriter you may create unlimited numbers of articles through spinning and rewriting of original articles. There are no such limits of words or number of character that may be spinning by the tool. Therefore, you have unlimited articles for your money site or any back links.

Save time and money

Spin rewriter can save time and money by Spining your original articles and may create quality content for your blog. Generally, you have to pay hundreds of dollars for each article if you are using any third party services or freelancer from or any other. So, by spending a few dollar you may earn thousands of dollars from your money site.

It will take around 2 to 3 minutes to complete the whole process of spinning an article. It is really fast and reliable.

Spin Rewriter API

This tool provides API key to connect the tool with various other Seo software and backlinks creating apps. Now most of the third party seo companies support spin rewriter API. Below are the most common & premium Seo tools that support spin rewriter API:

Three step spinning process

Step one

Spin rewriter has the option to one click rewriting of your article. In the first step, open the Control Panel and click on the right a single article or multiple article tab.

Spin rewriter step one

Step Two

Next, copy and paste your article in the editor. Next, copy and paste your article in the editor and click on one click rewrite button as shown below:

Step two Spin rewritter

Step Three

In the last step, click on ‘Generate a unique version’ or you may export or save unique article. That’s it! Now you have a unique article of the original one.

Spin rewriter step 3

Side by side comparison of both versions

The spin rewriter is a web-based tool and you may compare both the versions together. You may look both original and spin version together in the same window. It helps to compare both the articles and also helps to modify necessary corrections.

Automatic adding up Stock images

The software will automatically add stock images between the programs to make articles more unique and relevant in the eyes of Google. This facility is not available in most of the spinning tools which makes this tool unique one.

Spintax format of your article

The software automatically creates spintax of the single words or multiple words which helps to create thousands of unique articles from the same one. Therefore you don’t have to run the software to create unique articles again and again. This is especially helpful when you are trying to create more versions to submit in different websites or blogs.

Sentence and paragraph-level spin

The software has also the option to choose from sentence level for paragraph level spinning. If you choose sentence level spinning, then it will change the structure of the sentence; not the paragraph. If you choose paragraph level spinning, then it will change the whole structure of different paragraphs.

It has ENL technology, in which it can add or since sentence or add more paragraphs by utilizing meaning of the existing one. Therefore, it will make change the whole sentences or paragraphs. So, Google will look the article as more unique one.

Bulk Article Spinning

If you have more than one article, you can upload all of them in the software and it will do heavy lifting for you by spinning all of them. The software has the option to input all articles one by one in separate text field or as different. txt file format or you can upload zip file by loading all of your articles as text file.

Automatic vs manual spinning

There is one click spinning process as well as also the option to manually spin the articles. You can also create your own spintax and incorporate into your article. The software will add your spintax and rewrite your article. You can also customize certain spintax formats for your article.

Save for future

The software will automatically save the articles with original one in the server for your future needs. Therefore you don’t need to fear of losing any articles which also save time.

One-time export of all articles

The software can export all of your spin articles which may be more than thousand one at the time and you don’t have to export one by one.

Word and character count

The software also counts the number of words and character of the articles. It helps to determine the number of words in a paragraph or article.

Grammar and spelling option

The spin rewriter also checks grammar and spelling of the sentences and paragraphs. So it passes most of the grammar and spelling test and quality of the articles also improve.

Copyscape integration

Spin Rewriter is also the option to incorporate Copyscape API key so that you can check uniqueness of spin articles by the software.

Skip Original words

The software can also skip the original words and use only synonyms of the original words. It leads to extreme originality of the articles and makes them 95% plus unique in the eyes of search engine crawlers.

Shuffling List

Sometimes you get a list of words or numeric terms which you need shuffling of terms. The software can easily supple Shuffle list and it leads to more uniqueness in article.

HTML Format

Spin rewriter provides a HTML version of the spin article which can be directly copy and paste any WordPress blog or any other website editor. So it is very easy to use the software directly.

WordPress Autoblog

Auto blogging is also a very popular form of blogging nowadays specially for money sites. In this format, the plug-in copy content from other sources or any other content writing tools or servers and post it on your site. This is an automatic process and no need to work manually. But in this process the contents need spinning and rewriting and spin rewriter has a plug-in for WordPress blog which can automatically spin your WordPress articles over time.

You may use the plugin in unlimited number of sites which has more features. It can fetch posts in autopilot mode and spin them too. You just need to fix the number of posts you require in a certain period of time.

You can also spin your post right from your WordPress admin area rather than going out of your site.

There is another feature of the spin rewriter WordPress plugin: after installing the plug-in, you may also post directly from your spin rewriter admin area. You may rewrite your article and post directly from your spin rewriter account. It means that you have the option to remote posting from your account rather than log into your WordPress admin area. It is quite time saving and a useful benefit of the plugin.

GOLD Membership

The software also provide a option to go for Gold membership plan with many new features. First of all, the Gold members get a fast and reliable server with limited waiting time while you watch spinning a article. It saves time and money.

The Gold members may request 50 articles of any niche and they supply them after a few hours which may be further rewritable.

The core members can also create limited access spin rewriter accounts for their clients and Seo editors who may also use your spin rewriter account directly. But, they are not able to assess your admin account. So, you may also charge your clients for the use of spin rewriter accounts.

Gold members can also use their iPhone or Android app and you may also use spin rewriter while you are anywhere.

The VIP members also get priority support within 2 to 3 hours if you have gold membership which is quite good.

Support all Devices

You may use spin rewriter from any device such as backstop, laptop, phone etc. It is a web-based tool which is easy to use from any devices.

30 days Money Back Guarantee

This web-based tool comes with 30 days full money back guarantee within two days. So, you don’t have to worry about spending of money on the software. The support system is very good and they maintain the software very well.

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