This post is mostly deal with Wordai review. We will also try to compare with other software such as spin rewriter and spinner chief. Here you will come to know why Wordai is the best article spinner in the world.
If you are starting a new blog, you require quality content. Equally, they must be a unique one for getting high ranking. Sometimes, new blogs looking for blackhat Seo tools for backlinks building using automatic Seo software; such as Money Robot, RankerX, GS search engine ranker, etc. At the same time, using the software need lots of unique content and which is very time-consuming. In such a case, article spinners/spinning software are mostly using for generating unique and create human readable content. Article spinner uses synonym words or rewrites articles automatically. There are lots of tools, software, Cloud sites which rewrite sentences freely but most of them are not human readable. In this blog, we will compare all spinners WordAI as opponent and discuss all the details about the options. We also try to analyze other spinning tools.

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Top reasons to choose Wordai:

While selecting a word spinner/software to points are essential.

  • The uniqueness of the content
  • Readability and sentenced structure

However, these two features are the opposite of each other. Wordai able to accommodate both these features together. It can automatically completely rewrite quality content, and at the same time, they are human readable. I tried spin rewriter, spinner chief but the quality and readability of wordai are very high. They are not running version 4.0, and they use an artificial intelligence tool to understand the meaning of the spun article text.

Automatically Rewrites Entire Sentences Structure

One of the problems of most of the spinning tools is that they replace words with its synonyms. However, each word has a specific meaning in different positions and sentence structure. Most of them ignore the situation and purpose of the sentence while rewriting the sentence. However, WordAi tries to find out the meaning of the sentence using AI technology and wordai to automatically rewrite entire sentences. Therefore, most of the sentences are unique in the eyes of Google, and they are 100% copyscape free. Equally, a human can read the sentences easily.

WordAi  AI technology understood the meaning of the sentences

One of the vital points of WordAi is that it has a massive database of words and sentences. Rather than just replacing synonyms word, wordai not only tries to focus on different meanings of the same spinning content and it dynamically re-generate the whole sentence and. It is using deep learning technology, and you may say that it can write human quality articles. So you will not go to compromise quality vs. uniqueness of the material.

One click spinning of full article

Wordai has the option to re-generate a unique piece by just click of a mouse. You may spin words or phrases level of an article.

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Supports English, Spanish, French, and Italian

Wordai supports non-English languages but also Spanish French and Italian. So you are not limited to the English language and also has the option to re-write in other languages.

WordAi Supports HTML

you may directly paste HTML document in WordAi and keep same style and format

Fast Spinning

Version 4  is very fast as compared to the earlier one and takes a little time to generate a full article.

Support Article Forge

Article Forge is a tool which may create automatic articles based on keywords. WordAi also supports Article Forge directly and helps to create thousands of articles within a minute.

Bulk Level spinning

WordAi may handle any number of articles which may upload a single click as a .zip file.

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Grammar spelling check:

It is effortless to set grammar and spelling using perfect tense tool integration with WordAi. It helps to write quality articles and get high-quality backlinks from them.

Custom Synonyms

WordAi supports Custom Synonyms i.e. list of words which you may customize according to your needs. It can set maximum 10,000 custom synonyms in a group. The format for custom synonyms is

An example:

word-11,synonym11-a, synonym11-b

Protected Words

It is also the option to set a list of protected words will not be replaced during the spinning process. There is the option to store maximum 10,000 protected words. There is also the advanced option to switch off and on spin any texts that are inside quotes, title, proper noun, valid URL, etc.

WordAi Two Level Spinners:

It has two types of spinner: regular spinner and turning spinner. The primary difference between these two is: turning spinner is capable of creating more unique and extremely readable human-readable content than a regular spinner.

WordAi Turing Spinner options

In turning spinner, there are four options to produce unique content, very readable content, Tire 1 level content, Tire 2 level content.

You may also set to sentence level spinning, backup level spinning and even for any list spinning

Spintax edit

Spintax is the set of all possible synonym words together to form different articles from the same original article; it has the option to edit Spintax easily by clicking on the targeted word.

WordAi Turing API

wordAI also supports API for Turing Spinner which helps to integrate it with different platforms such as website, software or any other web-based tools. It returns two types of spin text:  json return and plain text according to different needs. They have also provided sample code and required variables to add WordAi Turing API.

Uses Limit

WordAi Turing spinner set the limit of 3 million words per month. After the limit, you have to pay $2 per 10,000 words after that. Same limits sets for the early plan. However, you may place your uses limit according to your budget.


The price of WordAi is a little bit high as compared to other spinners such as spin rewriter or spinner chief. The Motley cost of the software is $ 49.95 per month and for the early plan the costs 347 dollars per year. However, if you compare the quality and reliability of the articles WordAi is key to success.

price of WordAi
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Software supporting WordAi

Presently, a lot of software are creating automatic backlinks or content generation tools supporting it for generating thousands of high quality content within a minute. They also support its WordAI API key and automatically spin them to get thousands of articles instantly. You may also get quality title with WordAI. For the time being, it supports GSA Search Engine Ranker, Article Forge, WP Robot, WP RSS Aggregator, etc.

WordAI Trial

You may also start a free trial 3 day free trial Wordai account to try it for free and cancel at any time.

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Wordai Review
  • Readability
  • Uniqueness
  • Value for Money
  • Price


One of the vital points of WordAi is that it has a massive database of words and sentences. Rather than just replacing synonyms word, wordai not only tries to focus on different meanings of the same spinning content and it dynamically re-generate the whole sentence and. It is using deep learning technology, and you may say that it can write human quality articles. 


Best Readability


Best in the world


No Lifetime price

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